Guidelines for Article Contributors for Journals of BSTD, PROSHYKHYAN


Proshikhyan, a professional referred journal dedicated to Training and Development is a bi-annual Journal ,published regularly in the first week of July and January by  the Bangladesh Society for Training and Development(BSTD).

2.      The prime objective of the journal is to enrich the understanding of the development management of Bangladesh by disseminating critical and updated knowledge and skill with regard to developing human human resource development in particular and broadly, provide a holistic view of the plethora of issues enmeshed with the development management.

3.      Articles must be original and consistent with the objectives of the journal. 

4.      Manuscripts of the article should be submitted through e-mail(This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

5.      Article between 3500 and 5000 words is preferred.

6.      The journal’s ISSN number is 1819-9097,catalogued with US Library of Congress Numbering B-95902106-5.

7.      Where simple references are made they should be inserted at the appropriate place in the text, in bracket, giving author’s surname, date of publication of the work under reference and the relevant page numbers, for example. (Rahman, 1993:41-9)

8.      Where references are made with notes/ comments, the same should appear as Notes, indicated sequentially throughout the article by superscripting in raised Arabic numbers and the corresponding Notes should appear at the end of the article.

9.      A reference list arranged alphabetically should appear after the list of Notes.  The style should be as follows: author’s surname and other name/ initials, year of publication (in bracket), title of publication (in Italic), place of publication and the publisher.




Sing, Inderjit (1990) The Great Ascent: The Rural Poor in the South Asia,

Baltimore: John’s Hopkins University Press.


RDRS (1991) Northern Bangladesh: An Integrated Social Literacy Program. In V. McGivney and F. Murray (Ed.) Adult Education in Development: Methods and Approaches from Changing Societies, Leicester: National Institute of Adult Continuing Education, pp. 45-47.


Khan, Adil (1993) Managing Project Sustainability, in Asia-Pacific Journal of Rural Development, Vol. iii, No 1 July 1993, pp. 71-74.



Details to the retrieved document with date.


10.  The author(s) will be required to submit a disclaimer letter where the author(s) shall affirm solemnly that the article represents his/her/their own work and has not been published elsewhere in any form.

11.  The Editorial Board reserves the right to alter\modify the title of the article.

12.  If the Editor, based on the suggestion of Referee / Reviewer, is of the opinion that the article is provisionally accepted for publication subject to modifications, may be sent to the author(s) to recast any article in response to the comments made by the authorised reviewer/ referee.